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$100,000 Guarantee

Within your first 12 months of working at Whissel Realty Group, you will make $100,000.

We Guarantee It!

  • Follow our plan
  • Utilize our systems
  • Plug in to the team & culture

If you DON'T earn $100,000 in GCI, Kyle Whissel will make up the difference between what you earned and $100,000!

Onboarding Process

Onboarding is the foundation we use to set you up for success.

Step 1: 2 Week In-Person & Zoom Training

  • Full Time In-House Trainer

  • Learn our systems, tools, & processes

  • Buyer & Seller training

Step 2: New -> Ninja Online Training

  • Recorded curriculum & easy to access

Step 3: Test Out

  • Confirm that you’re ready & comfortable with The Whissel Way

Step 4: Mentorship Program

  • Pair up with an experienced agent that will help you every step of the way for your first 3 transactions.

Meet The Sales Team

Meet Our Sales Team

In this video, you'll meet:

  • Rachel Choo - Director of Sales

  • Nick Palm - Central Team Lead

  • Erin Bellows - Leads & Database Manager

The Sales Department is an integral part of our company, as they help agents grow and reach their goals. They provide structure to keep things running smoothly with systems that can be used by everyone in the office; if you're looking for someone who will support your growth efforts then look no further!

Meet Our Inside Sales Team

In this video, you'll meet:

  • Rachel Choo - Director of Inside Sales
  • Nick Steffl - Inside Sales Agent
  • Lukas Gaffrey - Inside Sales Agent

The Inside Sales Team is the backbone of our company. This team consists of a group of specialized group of inside sales professionals who have been trained to understand the needs and wants for consumers, while simultaneously nurturing leads until they are ready transact business with one our company's agents.

Meet The Inside Sales Team

Meet The Operations Team

Meet Our Operations Team

In this video, you'll meet:

  • Shannon Youssefi - Director of Operations
  • Emily Klosterman - Transaction Manager

The Operations Team is a group of dedicated professionals who specialize in transaction management and listing services. They work hard to ensure that your client gets from contract signing all the way until closing, saving you time and providing an unparalleled level of service.

Meet Our Marketing Department

In this video, you'll meet:

  • Bryan Koci - Director of Marketing
  • Thomas Conyers - Photographer/Videographer

The Marketing Department is a team of digital creatives and marketers who work together to create high quality photographs, videos or other marketing materials that will enable our agents perform for their clients at the highest level as well as increase business.

Meet The Media & Marketing Department

Who is Whissel Realty Group?

Discover the difference with Whissel Realty Group - a family-owned and operated company that's been serving the San Diego community since 1979. Our core values of Come From Contribution, Grow or Die, Be The Solution, Experience and Share, and With Positivity set us apart and drive us to always be the solution and constantly improve for our clients and agents.

With a team that's committed to helping each other and a focus on cutting-edge technology and processes, we're proud to have been named the number one producing team in San Diego County for seven years and to have received thousands of positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Join the Whissel Realty Group family and experience the difference for yourself!

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